The Archies // This Is Love

Released in 1971
Produced by Ritchie Adams and Ron Dante; produced by Jeff Barry (“Together We Two”)

This Is Love is the sixth and final album of the original, Don Kirshner-overseen iteration of the animated pop group the Archies, with characters from the Archie Comics universe.


Side A
  1. This Is Love (Ritchie Adams / Robert Levine)
  2. Don’t Need No Bad Girl (Allen Gordon / Ritchie Adams)
  3. Should Anybody Ask (Adams / Levine)
  4. Easy Guy (Adams / Levine)
  5. Maybe I’m Wrong (Adams)
  6. What Goes On (Gordon / Adams)
Side B
  1. Carousel Man (Bob Gengo / Ron Dante)
  2. Hold On To Lovin’ (Gene Allan / Ron Dante)
  3. This Is The Night (Mark Barkan / Ritchie Adams)
  4. Little Green Jacket (Barkan / Adams)
  5. Together We Two (Andy Kim / Jeff Barry)
  6. Throw A Little Love My Way (Allan / Dante)

Chart Position

This Is Love debuted on the Billboard album chart in the US on April 24, 1971. It spent one week on the chart, at No. 207.