Otis Day & the Knights // Shout

Released in October 1989
MCA Records
Produced by George Clinton

Shout is the sole album release by Otis Day & the Knights.


  1. “Something Dumb” (Dewayne Jesse / George Clinton / Lafayette Stone)
  2. “I Knock The Bottom Outta Mine” (George Clinton / Lige Curry)
  3. “Ice Melting” (George Clinton / Vivian Lewis)
  4. “You And Your Folks” (Bernie Worrell / William Nelson / Clarence Haskins / George Clinton)
  5. “Shout” (O’Kelly Isley / Ronald Isley / Rudolph Isley)
  6. “Function At The Junction” (Edward Holland Jr. / Fredrick Long)
  7. “I Wanna Testify” (Deron Taylor / George Clinton)
  8. “Who’s Making Love” (Bettye Crutcher / Don Davis / Homer Banks / Raymond Jackson)
  9. “Shamalamma Ding Dong” (Mark Davis)

Song Notes

  • “Shout” and “Shamalamma Ding Dong” are new versions of the songs from theĀ Animal House soundtrack.
  • “Function At The Junction” is a cover of the 1966 Shorty Long single of the same name.
  • “Who’s Making Love” is a cover of the 1968 Johnny Taylor hit of the same name.
  • Three tracks are covers of songs from George Clinton’s previous catalog:
    • “I Wanna Testify” and “Ice Melting” are covers of the A and B sides of the 1967 Parliaments single “(I Wanna) Testify” b/w “I Can Feel the Ice Melting.”
    • “You And Your Folks” is a cover of the song “You and Your Folks, Me and My Folks” from the 1971 Funkadelic albumĀ Maggot Brain.


Otis Day & the Knights are:

Amelia Jessie
Dewayne Jessie
Greg Hanley

Chart Position

Shout did not chart in the US.


“Something Dumb (Extended Version)” b/w “Something Dumb (House Dub)”
Released in 1989

“Shout” b/w “Shammalamma Ding Dong”
Released in 1989