Miami Connection (Original Motion Picture Soundtrack)

Released in 2020
Enjoy the Ride Records
Produced by William P. Young (tracks 1, 4, 6, 7)

The soundtrack album from the cult 1987 movie Miami Connection includes two tracks by Dragon Sound.


  1. The Lloyds Richards Band: “Escape From Miami” (William P. Young / Lloyd Sharpe)
  2. Dragon Sound: “Friends” (Angelo Janotti / Kathy Collier)
  3. Dragon Sound: “Against The Ninja” (Janotti / Collier)
  4. The Lloyds Richards Band: “Tough Guys” (Lloyd Sharpe)
  5. Jon McCallum: “Trainyard” (Jon McCallum)
  6. The Lloyds Richards Band: “I Love You” (Rick Hartzog )
  7. The Lloyds Richards Band: “Tae Kwon Do Family” (William P. Young / Lloyd Sharpe / Rick Hartzog)
  8. Dragon Sound: “Live at Fantastic Fest”
  9. Dragon Sound: “Friends” (Karaoke/Instrumental Version)
  10. Dragon Sound: “Against The Ninja” (Karaoke/Instrumental Version)


Dragon Sound are:

Kathy Collier: Vocals, guitar
Angelo Janotti: Guitar, lead guitar