Community (Music from the Original Television Series)

Released in 2010
Madison Gate Records

The soundtrack album from the TV sitcom Community includes three songs by the band Some Worries—four if you count “Pierce Raps,” which I totally do.


The 88: “At Least It Was Here (“Community” Main Title)” [Main Title Version]
Donald Glover & Danny Pudi: “101 Rap”
Chevy Chase, Eric Olsen & Tom Wolfe: “Getting Rid of Britta”
Eric Olsen, Tom Wolfe & Jacques Slade: “Pierce You Are a B”
Jacques Slade: “Pierce Raps”
Jacques Slade: “Night Cap”
Chevy Chase: “The Way It Is”
Ludwig Göransson: “Community Medley”
Donald Glover & Danny Pudi: “Somewhere Out There”
Jacques Slade: “I Never Die”
Yvette Nicole Brown: “Sensitive Night”
Trevor Armstrong: “Party Where Your Heart Is”
Eric Olsen: “Annie’s Song”
Ludwig Göransson: “Episode 119 Medley”
Chevy Chase, Danny Pudi & Joel McHale: “Come, Take a Trip in My Air-Ship”
Chevy Chase, Eric Olsen & Tom Wolfe: “Some Worries”
Ludwig Göransson: “If I Die before You”
The 88: “At Least It Was Here (“Community” Main Title)” [Full Length Version]


Some Worries are:

Eric Olsen: Vocals (Vaughn)
Chevy Chase: Vocals (Pierce)
Jacques Slade: Vocals (MC Dan Harmon)
Tom Wolfe: Music supervisor

Personnel Notes

Chevy Chase is, of course, the Chevy Chase of Saturday Night Live, Caddyshack, etc., fame. Some Worries was by no means his first foray into musical comedy. After playing drums and keyboards professionally in the late 1960s and early 1970s (including with Donald Fagen and Walter Becker in a pre-Steely Dan group), he sang on several National Lampoon albums and, in 1980, released a musical comedy album of his own. Produced by saxophonist Tom Scott, an original member of the Blues Brothers, the self-titled LP includes parodies of Barry White, Bob Marley and Randy Newman, among others.