The Blues Brothers Band // Live in Montreux

Released in 1990; recorded on 12 July 1989
WEA Records
Produced by Tom Malone

Live in Montreux is a 1990 album by the Blues Brothers Band.


  1. “Hold On, I’m Comin'” (Isaac Hayes / David Porter)
  2. “In the Midnight Hour” (Wilson Pickett / Steve Cropper)
  3. “She Caught the Katy” (Taj Mahal / Yank Rachell)
  4. “The Thrill Is Gone” (B.B. King)
  5. “Can’t Turn You Loose” (Otis Redding)
  6. “Sweet Home Chicago” (Woody Payne)
  7. “Knock on Wood” (Eddie Floyd / Steve Cropper)
  8. “Raise Your Hand” (Eddie Floyd / Steve Cropper / Alvertis Isbell)
  9. “Peter Gunn Theme” (Henry Mancini)
  10. “Soulfinger” (Jimmy King / Carl Cunningham / Ronnie Caldwell / James Alexander / Ben Cauley)
  11. “Hey Bartender” (Dossie Terry)
  12. “Soul Man” (Isaac Hayes / David Porter)
  13. “Everybody Needs Somebody to Love” (Jerry Wexler / Bert Berns / Solomon Burke)
  14. “Green Onions” (Booker T. Jones / Steve Cropper / Lewie Steinberg / Al Jackson Jr.)

Song Notes

The liner notes in the Blues Brothers Band album credit “Floyd Dickson” as the writer of “Hey Bartender.” While the song was first recorded by Floyd Dixon, it was in fact written by Dossie Terry.


Steve Cropper: Guitar
Donald “Duck” Dunn: Bass
Eddie Floyd: Vocals
Danny Gottlieb: Drums
Tom “Bones” Malone: Trombone
Lou “Blue Lou” Marini: Sax
Matt “Guitar” Murphy: Guitar
Leon Pendarvis: Organ
Alan “Mr. Fabulous” Rubin: Trumpet
Larry Thurston: Vocals

Chart Position

Live in Montreux did not chart in the US.


“Sweet Home Chicago (Edit)”
Released in 1990